v0.3.10 (unreleased)#

v0.3.9 (04 November 2023)#

  • support synchronizing the version of the black hook in more cases (PR180)

  • document the pre-commit hooks (GH176, PR181)

  • officially support running on python 3.12 (PR185)

  • drop support for running on python 3.7 (PR186)

v0.3.8 (03 November 2022)#

  • use the doctest formatter for doctest lines in rst code blocks (GH150, PR151)

  • drop support for python=3.6 (PR153)

  • split chained statements into multiple doctest lines (GH143, PR155, PR158)

  • replace the custom color formatting code with rich (GH146, PR157, PR159, PR160).

  • officially support python 3.11 (PR163)

v0.3.7 (13 September 2022)#

  • replace docstrings by modifying by token (GH142, PR144)

  • switch the html theme to furo (PR149)

  • add a new hook to synchronize black pinned in additional_dependencies with the version from the black hook (PR124)

v0.3.6 (25 August 2022)#

  • fix a regression in the doctest format that would either truncate the reformatted code or crash it (PR137)

v0.3.5 (26 July 2022)#

  • officially support python 3.10 (PR115)

  • colorize removed trailing whitespace (PR120)

  • write only if the content of a file changed (GH127, PR128)

  • don’t crash on strings with trailing empty strings (“a”””) (GH131, PR132)

v0.3.4 (17 July 2021)#

  • declare the tomli library as a runtime dependency (PR101)

v0.3.3 (06 February 2021)#

  • don’t crash on malformed rst directives (GH78, PR79)

v0.3.2 (05 January 2021)#

  • don’t strip newlines immediately before eol (PR73)

v0.3.1 (04 December 2020)#

  • don’t detect comments ending with a colon as a block (GH67, PR68)

  • don’t add color to redirected output and print reports to stderr (GH66, PR69)

  • add a nightly CI which also runs every day at 00:00 UTC (PR71)

v0.3 (04 November 2020)#

  • support running on python 3.9 (the target version is not yet supported by black) (PR55, PR57)

  • add diff and color diff modes (GH33, GH53, PR56)

  • support black’s string normalization option (GH33, PR59)

  • add colors to the output (GH33, PR60)

  • make the order of the printed files predictable (PR61)

  • make sure blocks end with a empty continuation line (GH52, PR62)

  • add a initial version of a contributing guide (PR63)

v0.2 (01 October 2020)#

  • Support the testcode, testsetup and testcleanup directives (PR39).

  • Fix working with lines containing only the prompt and avoid changing the quotes of nested docstrings (GH41, PR43)

  • Allow configuring blackdoc using pyproject.toml (GH40, PR45, PR47)

  • Add a force-exclude option (PR49)

  • Document the options (PR50)

v0.1.2 (31 August 2020)#

  • Keep compatibility with black 20.8b1 (GH33, PR34)

v0.1.1 (14 June 2020)#

  • Add pre-commit hook configuration (PR26, PR27)

  • Document the release process (PR29)

  • Make sure the tool returns a non-zero error code when encountering syntax errors (PR28)

v0.1 (30 May 2020)#

  • Add a CLI (PR1)

  • Add support for ipython prompts (PR4)

  • Add support for code blocks in rst files (PR10)

  • Allow disabling / selectively enabling formats (GH13, PR18)

  • Initial version of the documentation (GH12, PR19)